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About Renal Care & Research

Renal Care & Research is a company specialising in the diagnosis and personalised treatment of patients suffering from kidney stone.

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We address 5 health business objectives

  • Improve hydration of each citizens with deep focus on next human generation.
  • Protect the kidney, maintain bone and heart health.
  • Improve quality of life
  • Strengthen healthcare systems
  • Contribute to a sustainable global health economy

Fostering Education for Chronic Kidney Disease

Because we believe that the education is the key to improve the care of patient suffering from chronic kidney disease, we focus on developing tools to facilitate therapeutic education of patients to prevent recurrence of kidney stone.

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Tech-Powered, Human-Centered

Through our tech-driven initiatives, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge solutions with the warmth of human connection. At every step, we’re dedicated to striking the perfect balance between technological advancement and the genuine care that only a human touch can provide.

Meet the team.

Our team is a dynamic fusion of diverse skills, united by a singular mission. Each member contributes their own unique expertise, converging to craft innovative solutions.


Dr. Agnieszka Pozdzik

Nephrologist and founder of Renal Care & Research. She's leading advancements in digital health with the "Aidewa" telehealth platform, aiming to elevate care quality and the patient-caregiver bond.

Dr. Agnieszka Pozdzik (M.D., Ph.D.), nephrologist, member of the "Urolithiasis European Network" and group manager – "International Collaborative Network on Kidney Stones and Mineral Metabolism". Being the founder of Renal Care & Research, she focuses her activities in the field of digital health and connected objects where she supervises the development of a telemedicine platform "Aidewa". Her goal is to actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of care and quality of patient-caregiver relationship thanks to her Clinical experience.
Software Engineer

Er. Hadil Zrour

Hadil Zrour specializes in Software Engineering. Her creative passion for new technologies finds expression at Renal Care and Research.

Er. Hadil Zrour, Computer Science Engineer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale de Science de l'Informatique de Tunisie, specialized in Software Engineering, passionate about new technologies, she wishes to bring her creativity to the development of digital solutions within Med-Tech companies focused on healthcare.
Her willingness to learn and her technical skills are a real asset to Renal Care and Research, where Hadil is in charge of implementing and developing the EVA mobile application, which will offer the possibility of hybrid care.
The aim of this innovative tool is to reduce recurrence of renal lithiasis and thus improve quality of life for many patients.

Blending technology with care, we chart a brighter path for renal health.

Agnieszka PozdzikNephrologist & CEO Renal Care & Research


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